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Understanding how to access VA benefits can be complicated. ElderLife Financial Services has experts who can help.

The Aid and Attendance pension is a needs-based benefit available to qualifying U.S. military veterans and their spouses. The benefit pays up to $2,431 per month for qualifying veterans to receive senior care services.

While this benefit can help older adult veterans and their spouses, the qualification and application process can be complex. The lengthy application form asks veterans to demonstrate that they meet multiple criteria: 

  • The veteran served during qualifying wartimes periods between 1945 and 1975.
  • The veteran and/or spouse in need of care requires help with daily activities of living, such as bathing, dressing/undressing, walking, transferring, toileting, personal hygiene, eating/drinking (not meal prep).
  • The veteran and/or spouse in need of care have income and net worth below a certain level. 

Aid and Attendance benefit payments and qualifying services

The Aid and Attendance benefit can help veterans and their spouses pay for various types of senior care:

  • Surviving Spouse who needs care can receive $1,318 monthly.
  • Single Veteran who needs care can receive $2,050 monthly.
  • Married Veteran who needs care can receive $2,431 monthly.
  • Veteran with Spouse who needs care can receive $1,610 monthly.
  • Veteran and Spouse who need care can receive $2,431 monthly.

The benefit helps pay for the following types of qualifying care:

  • Assisted living.
  • Home care.
  • Senior living (with care).
  • Memory care.
  • Adult daycare.
  • Nursing home care.

Get help applying for the Aid and Attendance benefit

ElderLife Financial provides options in applying for this pension benefit to older adult veterans and their families. Whether the family would like to submit the application on their own of have an attorney complete it for them, ElderLife Financial assists them to get it done.

How does the application process work with ElderLife Financial?

The application process is designed to be streamlined and easy. When a veteran calls for assistance, ElderLife Financial helps determine whether the individual is eligible to apply for the benefit.

When ElderLife Financial determines a veteran may be eligible to receive the Aid and Attendance benefit, the person has multiple options for applying.

Free application assistance options:

  • The individual may obtain the Aid and Attendance application on their own by contacting the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • ElderLife Financial provides the veteran with the PDF application and a checklist of necessary information to apply (No company or organization is permitted to charge a fee for providing applicants with the application form).

Paid application assistance options:

  • Use ElderLife Financial and AidAndAttendance.com’s online software to easily complete the application.
  • Use the online application software and call the ElderLife Financial team with questions. The team can help complete the application with the software.
  • Contact ElderLife Financial to utilize their retained VA attorney, who can complete the application for the applicant. 

Veterans and their spouses can simplify the Aid and Attendance benefit application process, which can be lengthy and complex. Because ElderLife Financial’s proprietary software simplifies the application, they can offer these personalized services at a low and affordable cost. Contact ElderLife Financial Services to get expert help with the Aid and Attendance pension application.