A Veteran pension to pay for senior care

Did you know… The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides a pension to veterans that helps pay for senior care? If your loved one is a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, the Aid and Attendance benefits may be available to you.

If eligible, you may be entitled to thousands of dollars in monthly benefits. ElderLife Financial Services can help you determine if your loved one is likely to qualify and assist you with financing while you wait to receive your funds.

What are the average monthly VA benefits?


for single


for surviving spouses


for married veterans

How do I apply for VA benefits?

VA benefits are great support for your loved one, but the application process can be a challenge. Here are the forms you’ll need to complete, documentation you’ll want to gather, and resources to make the process easier.


See if you qualify for VA benefits

Complete the eligibility questionnaire using our AidandAttendance.com qualifier to find out how much you can receive from this VA benefit. If eligible, you can complete an application in under an hour.

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Work with a VA benefit expert

Get started with the Aid and Attendance software or work with one of our VA benefit experts. Often, families with complex financial profiles may need to connect with a VA-accredited attorney to ensure they don’t delay their VA Aid and Attendance benefit. Our AidandAttendance.com VA experts will help you navigate the entire process. 


Submit your intent to file

Once you speak with a VA benefit expert, we recommend you fill out the VA form 21-0966 as soon as possible. If your claim is approved by the VA, you may receive a lump sum retroactively from your intent-to-file date.


Apply for a bridge loan

It can take a while for the VA to review and approve your Aid and Attendance application. If you need funds immediately to move your loved one into care, learn more about our bridge loan, which you can receive in less than 24 hours.

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Submit your fully developed claim

You’ll need to gather information before you start the pension benefits application process. Make sure you have the following on hand:

  • Social Security number or VA file number

  • Military history

  • Financial information—and your dependents’ financial information

  • Bank account direct deposit information (optional)

  • Medical information (optional)

If you want guidance through the application or to submit online instead of on paper, our easy online application software on AidandAttendance.com can help.

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VA review and decision

The VA will reach out to you if they require any additional information. Eventually they will reach their decision, and you may begin receiving monthly benefits. You may also receive the retroactive lump sum from your intent-to-file date, which can be used to pay back your ElderLife Bridge Loan.


Don't let your pension go to waste.

Our VA benefits qualifier on AidandAttendance.com is completely free and will inform you if you or your loved one qualify for Veteran’s benefits. It could help take hundreds to thousands of dollars off your monthly senior living costs, whether the aging adult has decided to age in their home or move to a senior living community. This could make the difference in selecting the best care or community for your loved one, that may not have been attainable before.


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