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When it’s time to file a claim on your long-term care insurance, ElderLife Financial Services can help you do it efficiently and correctly.

Long-term care insurance can be helpful to older adults because it helps pay for services that traditional health insurance does not. Individuals pay into these types of policies in the event that, as they age, they need assistance coping with a chronic illness or another senior care service. 

When it comes time to make a claim on your long-term care insurance, the process may be complex. A policyholder needs to understand what type of policy they have, the services the policy covers, and how to file the claim properly.

When can I file a claim to use my long-term care insurance?

When it comes time to file a claim on long-term care insurance, the policyholder has to complete a number of steps. The elimination period must be over, which is a waiting period that must pass between when an individual buys the policy and when they can file a claim. They must also ensure that one of the trigger events has taken place. Usually, a trigger may be a diagnosis of a chronic illness or the inability to perform at least two activities of daily living, such as feeding or bathing. The policyholder must file the claim that includes information about why the care and insurance claim is necessary, then wait for the provider’s response.

In times when a person needs to use their long-term care insurance, filing the claim properly can be complicated. ElderLife Financial Services can help people understand their policy and then file a claim correctly so they can pay for the care they need. 

Get help filing your claim with ElderLife Financial Services

ElderLife Financial Services’ insurance experts can help older adults and their families navigate the process of filing a claim on their long-term care insurance policies. Working with ElderLife Financial Services affords policyholders multiple benefits that help them file their claims accurately and easily the first time.

Free policy review

ElderLife Financial services will review your or your loved one’s long-term care insurance policy. Through this process, you can learn what the policy covers, when the elimination period is over, what conditions can trigger a claim, how much it pays, and more. This review can also help determine in which types of residential settings the person in need of care can live while receiving care cost reimbursements through the policy.

Move to a senior living community that accepts your insurance

ElderLife Financial Services’ free policy review can also save the individual and their family the trouble of moving to different communities. If a person moves to a community or facility before confirming that it accepts their long-term care insurance, they may need to move again. Working with ElderLife Financial Services takes the guesswork out of the equation. You can move in and get comfortable in your new home because ElderLife Financial ensured the community could work with your insurance plan.

Help manage your policy

When a person uses their long-term care insurance, they may need to demonstrate to their provider that they continue to need and use the care the insurance is covering. Typically, every 60-90 days, the policyholder must submit documentation that they’re still receiving the care. ElderLife Financial Services can help the individual by filing the necessary paperwork with their insurance provider.

Although insurance and navigating senior living can be complicated, ElderLife Financial Services simplifies both. Known for their expertise, ElderLife Financial Services can help you understand your long-term care insurance policy and get you the care you need with the most efficiency and least amount of hassle. 

Contact ElderLife Financial Services to learn what your long-term care insurance policy covers and how you can get the care you need.